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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting
started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small
manageable tasks, and then starting the first one” - Mark Twain

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Kerri Lewin

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Client Transformations & Testimonials

“You will also be happy to know that all of the suggestions that you made for managing our stuff have worked fantastically.  Having someone like your self here to motivate and keep me on task was invaluable.  One thing that I will miss is your fantastic ability to put a room together so that it looks like it stepped out of a magazine.  I am sold on the value of your skills and have been encouraging all my friends who will listen to give it a shot.  I am so happy with the results and feel like a weight has been lifted. Thanks again for all of your help.”
----Karen, Port Elgin, ON

“My basement has truly been transformed! I could never have accomplished this overwhelming task without Kerri's positive attitude and encouragement.  She made me feel like nothing was too difficult to tackle.  Before we organized the basement, we couldn't even walk down there without tripping and we certainly could never find anything.  My husband would buy new tools because it was too much work to find them.  We have 3 kids and have all the stuff that goes with them.  Kerri helped me to get rid of so much and now we have a workable room with a computer desk, a portable tool bench and everything is in its place.  What a great feeling!!”
 ----Brenda, Cambridge, ON

“You have inspired major changes in our home.  Since we organized my kitchen (one year ago) we decided to undertake major renovations.  We finished our basement, stairwell and kitchen.  We moved walls and staircases and bought cupboards with deep drawers.  I learned a lot from our two sessions, and I’ve been applying what I learned.   I doubt you started this to change people’s lives, but you’ve helped change mine!!!!!!  Thank you Kerri."  
----Sue, Kitchener, ON

“What can I's a dream come true.  Everything has its own place now and I don't waste time trying to find things.  With a full time job, a two year old and expecting a new baby I was always too tired, too busy and was too overwhelmed to tackle it all on my own.  Thanks!”
----Lisa, Collingwood, ON

“I feel like I've gained so much space and I know where everything is now – its really been great!”
----Anne Marie, Beaver Valley, ON

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